[TOOL] APK Easy Tool v1.40 for Windows (GUI tool, friendly)

Huy guys ,welcome back to the my website :* , hay brother i love u all , and hay haters fu*k you , this time I will share tools for apk modification, this tool for security testing .

– Windows 7 or newer (This tool will not work for Windows XP)
– .NET Framework 4.5 or newer
– Java SE/JDK is required for decompile, compile, and sign APK. If you don’t have Java installed, you can only use Zipalign or Install APK. Download and install Java SE/JDK now

– 7z Compression-level 0-9
– APK infomation with icon by aapt dump badging
– Background workers to get rid of lags
– Remember window position (SHIFT + Q to reset window position)
– Advanced log viewer, with .txt file selection
– Extract APK / Zip APK
– Switch between apksigner.jar by Google and signapk.jar by bootstraponline
– Quick help
– Full environment path support
– Adb process kill
– Apktool.jar version selections
– Decompile APK
– Compile APK
– Sign APK after compile
– Sign seletected APK (It will clone the selected APK, and sign it)
– Sign compiled APK (If you forgot to sign your compiled APK, you can sign it)
– SignAPK (signapk.jar v1.0)
– Remember path when closed (config will reset if EXE file was moved to somewere else)
– Framework installer (uses apktool.jar’s commands)
– Logs tab
– Drag and drop file support
– Full options of decompile and compile
– Cancel button in waiting dialog box
– Clear logs when exit
– Allow path changes in textbox
– Java heap option. Default 512m
– ZipAlign
– Options to rename the apk file
– Options to select apktool version.
– ToolTips
– Enable/Disable check for updates
– Enable/Disable tips and ToolTips
and more…

D0wnl04d : D0wnl04d

D0nl04d Via HP : Download

Password :admin_tito (hub 081615731024 jika password/link rusak)

Sumber : Evildog1 Dev


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